Redeemer: Enhanced Edition Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Redeemer: Enhanced Edition Achievement List.

There are 40 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Walk The Plank Feed the fish in Chapter 1 50
Enter The Dragon Do it the oldschool way in Chapter 2 10
Knock-Knock Who's there? Chapter 3 10
Sepulchre Turn the ruins into a crypt in Chapter 4 50
Cleansing Fire Cook some kebabs in Chapter 5 10
They're Not All That Bad Add a bit of pacifism to this bloodbath. Chapter 6 50
No Hands Let the others do your work in Chapter 7 10
Welcome to the Jungle Clean out the greenhouse in Chapter 8 50
Touch Me Not Be quicker than the big guys in Chapter 9 50
Fragile Be careful with the glass in Chapter 10 10
Hit the Fan Mince some meat in Chapter 11 10
Reptile Forward, Forward, High Punch. Chapter 12 50
Recycling This is a zero-waste production facility. Chapter 13 50
Trumpet of Jericho Destroy more than 50% of the walls in Chapter 14 50
No Fly Zone Shut down the engines in Chapter 15 10
One-on-one Win the duel against an old firend. 10
Who Run Bartertown Defeat the guardians. 10
There Can Be Only One End the rivalry once and for all 50
Redemption Complete the game 150
Bodhi Complete the game on hardcore mode 10
Double Kill! Kill two enemies simultaneously 10
Triple Kill! Kill three enemies simultaneously 20
Rampage! Kill five enemies simultaneously 10
Bad Day Kill 25 enemies using the environment 10
Renovations Kill 75 enemies using the environment 10
Feng Shui Kill 150 enemies using the environment 10
Glasss Weapons Break 100 weapons 10
Butcher Execute 20 enemies 10
I Am Death Execute 300 enemies 10
Rejuvenation Restore 10,000% of health 50
Troll Restore health from near death to full 50
Raging Bull Kill 3 enemies while Vasily is near death 10
Oily Hands Parry 50 times 10
Miyagi Parry 300 times 10
Target Practice Shoot 50 enemies 20
Lead Poisoning Shoot 500 enemies 10
Crouching Tiger Perform 40 stealth kills 10
Hidden Dragon Perform 100 stealth kills 10
Invincible Complete every chapter without dying 10
Are You Not Entertained? Beat all Arena levels 10
Brutal, bloody beat-’em-up action without compromise. A true resurrection of this popular genre.
Kill your enemies using the most unbelievable methods, study your opponents’ behavior, and forge your own path to victory with friends in co-op mode.
Redeemer: Enhanced Edition is developed by Sobaka Studio and published by Buka Entertainment.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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