Moonlighter is Getting Extra-Dimensional in A New DLC

By Sam Quirke, 28 days ago
Popular indie dungeon crawler Moonlighter is getting a new extra-dimensional Portal in an upcoming DLC, arriving first on Steam. The teaser trailer below shows off a new miniboss and a brand new dungeon.

11 bit studios describe the new DLC, "Between Dimensions", as the biggest update to Moonlighter since its release in May last year. The new interdimensional Dungeon may also appear as a Corrupted Dungeon while exploring the Portals available in the base game. The DLC will have 10 new enemy types as well as five new bosses, and will expand the game's lore and available characters to speak to in the village. The DLC also introduces new Trick Weapons, which will have "powerful and punishing" effects.

Moonlighter was added to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC earlier in the year. The eclectic dungeoneering/shopkeeping mash-up is currently rated 3.5/5 by the community. The achievement list looks quite tough with 100% completion rated as a 12.06 TA Ratio; though that may be because the 100% achievement is glitched.

The Between Dimensions DLC is coming to Steam on July 23rd and will cost $6.99. There is no word on an exact release date for consoles, but 11 bit studios have said that it will arrive at some point.

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