Premium Pets and Cross-Play Preferences Headed to Sea Of Thieves

By Sean Carey, 3 months ago
In the latest Sea of Thieves Developer Update, executive producer Joe Neate gave a brief overview of what to expect from Sea of Thieves in the upcoming months.

One of the main takeaways from the update video is that pets are coming back to the Insider Programme (Sea of Thieves' own content testing community) with the aim of being let loose in the full game soon. Neate said that the previous iteration of pets "weren't quite where we wanted them to be, but they're getting much closer to the place where we want them".

However, pets will be a paid for in-game item. Neate said, "Pets are going to be part of our digital business offering and a way for us to generate additional revenue on top of Sea of Thieves as we continue to run it as a service."

On top of this, further micro-transactions will be coming. A bunch of new cosmetics are on their way including some special ship liveries that are themed around other beloved games and characters and some new emotes, so you can taunt your enemies as they sink to the bottom of the briny deep.

Also mentioned was that the development team are trialling ways to allow plays to opt out from the mixed crossplay pool. Sea of Thieves players can currently join sessions with PC players that are using a mouse and keyboard setup — who might have an advantage over those using a controller, especially when it comes to the competitive Arena mode. And with Sea of Thieves being included in the Xbox Games Pass for PC, this could be an increasingly common occurrence. Sea of Thieves supports keyboard and mouse setup on the Xbox too, so this new preference setting will filter by input device. The filter will then focus matchmaking on the preferred input setup. If a match isn't found, the matchmaker will just revert to the shared matchmaking pool rather than register a failed match and kick players out of the queue. The opt-out crossplay preference will be coming to Arena mode first via the Insider Programme, and the full game later, although we don't have a date for that just yet.

Another area that Rare are working on is the hit detection for projectiles. There have been some "significant" improvements to the reliability of ranged weapons — which have been internally tested — but these improvements need to be trialled in the Insiders Programme before being rolled out.

We will be sure to keep you updated when all of these features take to the seas and hit the main game. If you are an Insider, let us know what you think of these new changes in the comments!

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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