TrueAchievements Player Unlocks One Achievement Per Day for Ten Years

By Sam Quirke,
I was quite proud of my 100-day achievement streak back in 2016, but that was my limit. Some people are far more dedicated to the cause than me, but none more so than winginor, who has kept one alive for 10 years.

RiverbondNo end in sight – winginor is still popping achievements today, including smashing through Riverbond

What is an achievement streak?

Achievement streaks are just one of the many ways that you can track your stats on TrueAchievements and set yourself unique challenges. You keep an achievement streak alive by earning at least one achievement every day. Miss a day, and your streak is broken. The site will show the start date of your streak, how many days you have kept it up for and how many achievements you have won in total since the streak started. All of this can be seen in a panel on your home page.

What has winginor achieved?

Winginor is the first and, so far, only TrueAchievements registered player to manage to keep their achievement streak alive for 10 full years — that's over 3650 days, since July 23rd 2009. If you're struggling to put that length of time in context, bear in mind that 2009 was when Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed II and Halo 3: ODST came out.

In that time winginor has earned 27,946 achievements, bringing their total gamerscore to 797,913 for a TA Score of 1,294,798.

Winginor simply loves to have some sort of motivation to keep them going in any aspect of life, which is how this mammoth challenge came into being (and shows no sign of stopping either). Although winginor gets some mild mocking from friends — "and have you unlocked your achievement for the day?" — ultimately they find the challenge relatively easy to keep up with.

"One thing that makes it easier for me is that as a software developer I see games from a different perspective. That's why I even like to play bad games, to see what makes them bad and where the programmers have made poor decisions."
Winginor says that achievement hunting is "always a little bit about showing off", and as a lover of statistics hunting down such a specific goal was a natural fit. Plus, achievements give winginor a great sense of their personal gaming history:

I completed lots of RPGs on PC, SNES, PS1 and PS2, but aside from still having most of the discs there's not much that reminds me of them. With achievements there always is a nice way to look back and remember all the fun stories."
Winginor has no intentions to stop at 10 years, though admittedly keeping the streak alive gets increasingly hard as Windows Phone loses more and more support. That said, perhaps Microsoft's xCloud streaming service will swoop in to save the day, helping the long-term hunters like winginor keep up their impressive records.

Congratulations to winginor for such a phenomenal personal achievement!
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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