Remedy Are Interested In Making An Alan Wake Sequel

By Sean Carey,
It's been nine years since the original Alan Wake was released on the Xbox 360, and seven years since the in-universe, Xbox Live Arcade spin-off, Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Since then, we've heard nothing about a potential full sequel to Alan Wake — but Remedy Entertainment boss and writer Sam Lake told IGN he's interested in making another one.

Lake said, "I want to make it. It's a curious thing. At this point, so much time has passed, the bar is higher in some ways, and it needs to be done right if it's ever done. Everything needs to click into place, which is really hard to make happen, like so many things for these big games to be greenlit, so many things need to be aligned. I'm hoping someday [it can be made]."

Alan Wake sequel

Lake also revealed that he and a small team came up with a concept for a sequel, but ended up not proceeding with it as he felt it "Wasn't going forward." Although some of the ideas in the concept were later used for Quantum Break and eventually Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

"I kind of feel, personally, that on and off, ever since the first game, I've been working on the sequel," said Lake.

Alan Wake has been a cult favourite for Xbox players, garnering a 4.3/5 from the True Achievements community, and with the recent news that Remedy has reacquired the publishing rights to the Alan Wake series, a follow-up title could be on the cards. Would you be excited about a sequel? Let us know in the comments!
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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