New Details Surface About Borderlands 3's Planet, Promethea

By Heidi Nicholas, 25 days ago
Gear up for mechanised infantry and half-insect, half-rodent hybrids in Borderlands 3: Gearbox has just dropped new information about Promethea, and it's a real warzone.


Promethea is one of the new planets available to explore in Borderlands 3. As headquarters for the Atlas Corporation, and controlled by Atlas's CEO Rhys Strongfork, it functions as the base of Atlas operations. Promethea was visible in the Borderlands 3 reveal trailer with its towering neon skyscrapers and urban atmosphere.

promethea skyscrapers

Yet the chicness of the city planet's sleek skyline is somewhat interrupted by the fact that Promethea is at war. Maliwan has the planet under siege, and the metropolis is a battlefield. The video explains that Promethea was the site of the first discovery of alien technology, which Atlas had used to create weapons. Their mechanised infantry guard the streets, but the outskirts of the city aren't safe either; Ratches, the insect/rodent hybrids, scuttle amongst the sewers and backstreets.

promethea Ratches

Meanwhile, those caught in the crossfire are being recruited by the opportunistic Children of the Vault, one of the antagonistic factions of Borderlands 3. The video finishes with the ominous promise that 'if the mechanized infantry doesn't kill you, the Ratches will finish the job!'.

Players have less than two months to wait to test their mettle in this bloodthirsty environment, as Borderlands 3 releases on September 13th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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