Fortnite's Birthday Bash Has Kicked Off

By Heidi Nicholas, 1 month ago
Epic Games are celebrating Fortnite's birthday with the Fortnite Birthday Celebration, which continues until Wednesday 31st July.

fortnite birthday cake

The celebrations include presents which will be dropped around the Battle Royale map, birthday cakes to refuel yourself with 5 health and 5 shield, and a gift item-- not to mention that Epic are offering a free Year 1 Birthday Llama, if that sounds like your kind of thing.

You'll have the opportunity for more birthday-themed rewards as the celebration progresses. There are four Fortnite Birthday Challenges, each of which will earn you a birthday treat upon completion. Complete all four, and you'll receive a birthday cake pickaxe.

The birthday celebrations come alongside the Overtime Challenges, which are on until the end of Season 9, and could see players earning a huge amount of XP, new loading screens, and new skins. The release of these challenges has been staggered but all challenges will be available by next Monday.

Epic also released the V9.41 content update, detailing what's new for Battle Royale. Aside from the Birthday and Overtime Challenge information, the most notable news is the description of a new weapon, the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle. Players can use the rifle to find out where the storm is heading and spot upcoming storm circles before they can be seen on the minimap, which should allow a head start to get to safety.

fortnite sniper rifle

The update also details what's new for the Creation mode and Save The World. There are four new Movie Set Prefabs and three new Galleries for Creative mode, whilst Save The World sees the Pulsar 9000, an energy shotgun, added to the weekly store.

fortnite pulsar 9000

As if this wasn't enough, the conclusion to the Fortnite World Cup is taking place this weekend, with the Duos matches on Saturday, and the Solo on Sunday. To properly celebrate this event, exclusive Fortnite World Cup 2019 Outfits are now in the store. These will disappear at 8pm ET on Sunday, and will never be available again, so if you're desperate for them, make sure to head over there soon.

Fortnite birthday bash

Will you be taking part in the birthday celebrations? Let us know in the comments!

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