Disney's Bolt and Tetris Splash Delisted

By Sam Quirke,
This week a couple of games have disappeared from the Microsoft Store —
Disney's Bolt and Tetris Splash. Unfortunately that means that 360 arcade title Splash is essentially unavailable, though you might find physical 360 copies of Bolt out in the wild. It's actually backward compatible, so you can still play it on the Xbox One if you manage to find the disc.

Bolt delistedIt's too late, Bolt. It's over.

On the whole, only dedicated achievement hunters are really missing out here; Bolt only received a 57 overall on Metacritic, while Splash is sitting at a 53. They weren't easy completions either, with 10 hours of online multiplayer play required for Tetris Splash's hardest achievement. Bolt's hardest achievements aren't quite as impossible, but it is a pretty grindy collectibles-fest typical of late 2000s movie tie-ins.

So pour one out for these two unfortunates in the comments and let us know what you think of their disappearance.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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