Remedy Entertainment Drop A New Story Trailer For Control

By Heidi Nicholas,
Remedy Entertainment, the developers behind the popular action-horror game Alan Wake, have released a new story trailer for their upcoming action-adventure game, Control:

The trailer seems to raise more questions than it answers, but one thing that is immediately clear is just how well Remedy have managed to create a suspenseful sense of unease.
The player will assume the role of Jesse Faden, who is unexpectedly given the role of Director of the secretive Federal Bureau of Control. The Bureau has been overrun by an unknown supernatural threat, referred to as the Hiss, and Jesse's task is to regain Control. The trailer alone implies that supernatural elements will be a big part of the game. An article by Game Informer states that the game will be set in a single location: that of The Oldest House, the headquarters for the Bureau. The article states that The Oldest House is a Place of Power (better draw from it, Witcher 3 fans), and as such it can hold Objects of Power, which Jesse can use to gain abilities. It seems that Places of Power have their own laws of physics, explaining the more gravity-defying aspects of the trailer. The trailer is narrated by an unnerving new character, who describes a dream he had wherein the Hiss broke free.
Control will release on 27th August this year. Are you ready to take up Jesse's story?

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What do you think of Control? Will you be playing it? Are you a fan of third-person shooter games? Let us know in the comments!

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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