Respawn Devs Tease New Apex Content, and It Might Be The Next Legend

By Heidi Nicholas, 1 month ago
A new legend could be coming soon to Apex Legends. Tina Sanchez, a Video Developer on the game, teased the new character on Twitter:

The pictures show her at a motion-capture session, wearing sensors and holding a cane. Interestingly, she's striking a similar pose with a similar facial expression in both pictures; possibly hinting at the new legend's characterisation. A previous data-mine leak for the game proposed the assumed identities of the next ten characters, and from that discussion, many fans believe that Sanchez's photos may refer to Crypto. Indeed, when a fan suggested this, Sanchez responded with the mouthless emoji:

None of this can be taken to mean that they're even working on a new character, and Sanchez's reply could simply mean that she's not allowed to talk about it. Respawn have historically been more than happy to engage with their fans, and tend to be quite communicative about what they're working on. Sanchez previously shared a tweet about the new legend Wattson, a month before the character came to Season 2. Josh Medina, an Associate Producer for the game, is equally happy to chat with Respawn's audience, and when streamer TimTheTatMan reached out to say what he'd like to see in a future character, such as tattoos, Medina replied that Sanchez had been equally keen:

The next character to be released was Octane, the tattooed adrenaline junkie.

The third season for Apex Legends is just around the corner, and is due to arrive in September. Hopefully we'll find out more about Sanchez's pictures as that date approaches, as to whether it's a new legend or something else entirely. In the meantime, Apex Legends retains its popularity and remains firmly rooted at number 5 in our gameplay chart.

Source: VG 24/7

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