Go Head To Head With The Children Of The Vault In Borderlands 3

By Heidi Nicholas,
The first fourteen minutes of gameplay from Borderlands 3 has surfaced thanks to an IGN exclusive video, and it gives us a flavour of a new antagonistic sect called the Children of the Vault. It probably goes without saying, but you might want to steer clear if you don't want the game's opening moments spoiled.

The first character players see (or hear) is Claptrap, one of the key mascots of the series. In the video, the IGN crew are playing as Moze "The Gunner", the latest character to have been revealed by Gearbox. Claptrap announces that he belongs to the Crimson Raiders and immediately serves to set up the background context— he mentions the Children of the Vault as antagonists, with the current mission being to infiltrate their Propaganda Centre. He also provides Moze with her new Echo Device, Echo 3, which sets up her HUD and apparently carries less risk of exploding. Before any infiltrating begins, however, the player can customise their appearance, such as their head, skin, and emote— by registering their Echo Device.

Character customisation

The Children of the Vault seem appropriately creepy, with the sign over their centre reading 'give your flesh, take your guns'. When Claptrap inevitably gets captured, Moze takes on the Children of the Vault by herself. The combat looks satisfyingly smooth and gory, and Moze soon has access to a variety of weapons. Moze also experiences her first boss fight against an enemy with a massive cleaver.

The trademark humour, combat and gun-collecting of the series is evident and emphasised in this glimpse of Borderlands 3. Luckily there's not long to wait to see the final product; it releases on 13th September.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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