Beautiful RPG Decay of Logos Arrives This Month

By Heidi Nicholas, 13 days ago
Ever wanted to explore a high-fantasy world with your mystical Elk companion and take revenge on a shattered kingdom? Come the end of this month, players can do just that: Rising Star Games have announced the release date for Decay of Logos as 30th August for Xbox One. This news comes via a release date teaser trailer:

This teaser and the game's site reveal a high-fantasy, third-person action/adventure RPG, with "emphasis on tactical combat, exploration, and inventory management". Ada is on the hunt for revenge after the decimation of her Village. The attackers bore a royal crest and the royal family of this Realm has a dark history. Each of the King's five sons took control of an individual piece of the kingdom, and each have "heavily influenced the lands they owned" with "each territory reflecting their particular idiosyncrasies". It'll be interesting to see how much contact the player will have with these disparate territories, particularly as the game is described as "semi-open world". Fortunately, Ada won't be alone. Her journey is vastly improved, as most things are, by an animal companion: in this case, a mystical Elk.

Ada and Elk

The companion system is at "the core of its gameplay mechanics" and the Elk will apparently aid Ada with exploration, puzzle-solving, and even combat. This last can be seen in the teaser as the Elk intervenes in Ada's fight against multiple enemies. The Elk will evidently be an integral part of gameplay, and Ada's bond with him will be paramount. The bond won't be readily sealed, however — the player first has to provide it with food and shelter to gain its trust.

The teaser further showcases the game's beautiful environments. So far, in terms of setting it seems that the Branching Village will be an important place for the player, connecting other territories. The mysterious Ancestor ruins are also mentioned, along with the rest of the Realm. During her exploration, Ada can save at camps or shrines. Ada can recover at camps, but using them will most likely need to be a tactical decision as ambushes can occur whilst Ada is asleep.

While the game is only releasing digitally, the developers have already expressed an interest in a future physical version:

Decay of Logos is coming to Xbox One on August 30th.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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