Microsoft Refunds Braid Owners

By NightStalkar, 9 years ago
Okay, if you are one of the lucky XBL members who purchased Braid during Microsoft's "Deal of the Week" promotion, you may not be so lucky after all. But now you are! On the week of February 23rd, the first week of the promotion, Braid was marketed at 800 points as opposed to the 1200 it previously sold for. However, due to a technical glitch, anyone who purchased the game during that time was still charged 1200 points. Microsoft is now fully aware of this technical issue, and as compensation, they are reimbursing the 400 MSP along with an additional 100 MSP. So, thats 500 MSP all-together coming your way if you were one of the many mentioned above.

Personally, I can vouch for this. I checked my email after reading this story, and sure enough, I had been short 400 MSP this entire time. The email reads:

"Dear Xbox LIVE Gold Member:
We launched Deal of the Week program on Feb 23rd, 2009 as an added benefit to your Gold membership and we are very excited to see the overwhelming response we have received from our loyal users such as you.

As a result of the increased transactions we know that you experienced an intermittent Xbox LIVE issue, which resulted in you being charged full price of 1200 points for the ‘Braid' deal instead of the discounted price of 800 points. We sincerely wish to apologize for the
technical glitch and would like to take this moment to thank you for your patience and understanding as our team worked around the clock to fix this problem.

We will not only be crediting back the 400 points that were overcharged, but also be crediting an extra 100 points as a token of our appreciation and as a thank you for your loyalty during this period. You will see a credit of 500 points in your account in the coming weeks.
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