The Forbidden Arts Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 13 days ago
We have just picked up the The Forbidden Arts Achievement list.

There are 66 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

The Forbidden Arts Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Wolf Hunter Kill 10 wolves 10
Bear Hunter Kill 5 bears 10
Assassin Hunter Kill 10 assassins 10
Assassin Slayer Kill 20 assassins 10
Griffin Tamer Clear the Griffin from Korrath Woods 10
Gnoll Slayer Kill 20 Gnolls 10
Gnoll Executioner Slay 40 Gnolls 10
Spider Slayer Kill 20 spiders 10
Spider Executioner Kill 40 spiders 10
Master of Earth Defeat the Geomancer 50
Shield of Fire Learn the shield of fire ability 20
Master of the Mind Defeat the Enchantress 50
Strong Limbs Learn the roots of fire ability 20
Gold Panning Collect 4 gold in the Green Vale 10
Gold in the Gorge Collect 4 gold in Black Fang Pass 10
Golden Ranger Collect 10 gold in Korrath Woods 10
Gold Miner Collect 10 gold in the Abandoned Mines 10
Golden Honey Collect 10 gold in the Hives 10
Problem Solving Complete Challenge Tower 1 10
Boots on Fire Complete Challenge Tower 2 10
Tricky Bees Complete Challenge Tower 3 10
Clever Levers Solve the puzzle in the Abandoned Mines 10
Birth of the Phoenix Collect 1 Phoenix Feather 10
Feather Collector Collect 2 Phoenix Feathers 10
Seeker of Flame Collect 3 Phoenix Feathers 10
Golem Hunter Kill 5 Golems 10
Goblin Hunter Kill 10 Goblins 10
Goblin Slayer Kill 20 Goblins 10
Goblin Executioner Kill 40 Goblins 10
Yeti Hunter Kill 10 Yetis 10
Drake Hunter Kill 5 Drakes 10
Dragon's Eye Collect all 3 fragments of the Dragon's Eye 10
Power of Fire Collect 4 Phoenix Feathers 10
Heat Vision Learn the Heat Vision Ability 20
Master of Wind Defeat the Aeromancer 50
Gold on Ice Collect 4 gold in The Northern Wastes 10
Gold in the Mountains Collect 10 Gold in The Mountains of Orin 10
Light in the Dark Complete Challenge Tower 4 10
Frog Hunter Kill 10 Frogmen 10
Frog Slayer Kill 20 Frogmen 10
Frog Executioner Kill 40 Frogmen 10
Minotaur Hunter Kill 5 Minotaurs 10
Mushroom Hunter Kill 5 Mushrooms 10
Mushroom Slayer Kill 10 Mushrooms 10
Flight and Flame Collect 5 Phoenix Feathers 10
Spirit of Flame Learn the Spirit of Flame Ability 20
Master of Water Defeat the Hydromancer 50
Gold in the Swamp Collect 4 gold in the Swamp of Green Mist 10
Gold in the Murk Collect 10 gold in the Pools of Murk 10
Conquer the Murk Complete Challenge Tower 5 10
Bandit Hunter Kill 10 Bandits 10
Bandit Slayer Kill 20 Bandits 10
Harpy Hunter Kill 5 Harpies 10
Harpy Slayer Kill 10 Harpies 10
Golem Slayer Kill 10 Golems 10
Golem Executioner Kill 20 Golems 10
Snake Hunter Kill 10 Snakes 10
Snake Slayer Kill 20 Snakes 10
Rise from the Ashes Collect 6 Phoenix Feathers 10
Master of Spirit Defeat the Chiromancer 50
Gold in the Desert Collect 4 gold in the Desert of Marzule 10
Gold in the Temple Collect 10 gold in the Temple of Spirit 10
Conquer your Spirit Complete Challenge Tower 6 10
Blades of the Pyromancer Obtain the Imbued Blades of the Sun 20
Deadly Treasure Defeat the Mimic in the Spirit Realm 10
Beginning of the End Defeat the Necromancer 100
The Forbidden Arts is an action adventure platformer with a focus on discovery and exploration. You play as Phoenix, a young boy who seeks to master the element of fire in a grand adventure of ancient magic.
The Forbidden Arts is developed and published by Stingbot Games.
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