EA Announce Changes Coming To FIFA 20's Career Mode

By Heidi Nicholas, 1 month ago
Major changes are coming to the Career Mode of FIFA 20. EA announced the details of these changes in their pitch notes, and expressed that they originated from the desire to give players more 'diversity and choice'. EA's post emphasises that player feedback about what they'd like in future games has been heard and taken on board. These changes include manager customisation, detailed morale management, and the fact that player potential will be based on previous performance.

Press Conferences and Player Conversations

Press Conferences and Player Conversations are additions which will particularly affect Manger Career. Pre-match press conferences will directly impact player performance in the match, as whichever answers the manager chooses will influence the team's morale. This is especially important given that each player will react individually to different treatments. EA's screenshots show that praise, motivate, criticise, sympathise, and calm are all options to choose from, and that it will be important to understand each player's personality to ensure the correct answer is chosen.

FIFA press conferences

The data from matches, such as the outcome and amount of goals scored, will be translated into Press Conferences via journalists, and into Player Conversations. Player Conversations will work through a 'messaging app-like interface' from which the manager can choose a variety of answers, much like dialogue choice in RPGs. This allows the manager to choose how to deal with players, and these choices will affect both player morale and manager rating. EA's example of this interface displays the player's attribute values and current morale. They do say that these are subject to change, but it is interesting to imagine that the consequences of dialogue choices could be reflected immediately. This messaging system also infers more immediate and intimate conversations. 'Happy or disgruntled players'can now get 'their thoughts across' instantly, and the manager will have to negotiate each one. Manager Career will also be affected by the inclusion of two new locations in which to have player negotiations: Rooftop Lounge and Restaurant.

FIFA player conversation

Player Morale System

Morale will be tricky to manage. It'll be affected by answers in Press Conferences and Player Conversations, but also by factors 'ranging from play time and wage expectations to a player's performance on the pitch' and the overall performance of the team. The higher the morale the better, as player attributes are influenced by the level of their morale. It will be important for managers to fully understand each team member's personality to ensure they're all kept happy.

Manager Customization

Since the manager's behaviour looks to be so important, it's only fair that the manager themselves will be getting more attention. Firstly, players can now choose between male and female avatars, which is a new feature for Career Mode. The screenshots for the character customisation looks far more detailed— players can choose between multiple options for each individual facial feature, along with a wide range of clothing and accessories.

Manger customisation

Dynamic Player Potential

Player Potential will now develop from the player's performance in their last season, with good performance resulting in higher potential. However, this will work both ways, and players with a lesser performance will start to lose potential. Potential will also reflect upon playtime, and so even talented players will most likely need consistent playtime in order to fully reach their potential.

Along with all these features, EA are also implementing Live News Screenshots, which will pull screenshots to create stories which relate to the player's gameplay. UI treatments are also being introduced for the Central Menu which are based on the actual branding of some of the game's most played leagues, including the Premier League. There will also be a host of general improvements. EA's dual focus of authenticity and diversity is emphasised throughout their post, and it will be interesting to see how these new features will look when FIFA 20 releases on 27th September.

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