Just Cause 4: Danger Rising DLC Announcement Trailer

By Sean Carey,
Announced in a new trailer via the Just Cause YouTube channel, Rico is back for another outing in the third DLC for Just Cause 4.

Just Cause 4: Danger Rising sees The Agency, Rico's former employer mysteriously appearing in Solis, and on the hunt for the confident, cool-headed agent. A giant submarine has surfaced just off the coast and Rico makes it his mission to investigate after vowing to take them down.

Danger Rising adds an additional eight new missions, a host of new vehicles and a bunch of new high-tech weaponry. One of the new vehicles which we see a lot from is the Hoverboard, which allows Rico to speed across the ocean, grind along rails and even kickflip (Sorry Rico, but you'll never be as cool as Marty McFly).

In terms of weaponry, you can eliminate enemies with the new powerful Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug, harness and bend the laws of gravity with the Stormalong Em Zero Magnesis Rifle, and deploy a remote-controlled drone with the Yellowstone Auto Sniper Rifle.

Danger Rising is the third DLC in the 'Dare Devils, Demons and Danger' Expansion Pass and is available to play on August 29th. Much like the previous two DLC's both featuring new achievement lists, we expect Danger Rising will also include a set of new achievements. We will keep you updated on that as soon as we find out more.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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