The New Borderlands 3 Character Trailer Showcases Fl4k "The Beastmaster"

By Heidi Nicholas, 1 month ago
Following on from details about Amara "the Siren", the final character reveal trailer for Borderlands 3 is here.

Fl4k "the Beastmaster" is a robot on a never-ending hunt. The trailer shows them constantly stalking the Children of the Vault as prey with a calm and measured determination which shows they've done this countless times before. Fl4k has distinctly different characteristics from the three other Vault Hunters (apart from the fact that they're a robot). Like Moze and her Iron Bear, Fl4k relies on the aid of a separate loyal companion: in this case, Fl4k is accompanied by their pack of three loyal beasts. Yet Fl4k's apparent enjoyment of the solitary life is more alike to Zane than Moze, or Amara, who loves her fame and fans. Fl4k's pack consists of three beasts, each of which relates to one of Fl4k's Action Skills: Hunter, Master, and Stalker.

Spider Centurion

The Borderlands 3 site states that Fl4k's Spider Centurion can attack "with gobs of acidic goo" and "spinning charge attacks", as well as relying on its pincer and drill arm. The Spider Centurion is the pet for the Hunter Skill and appears to be the most readily lethal of the pack, with Fl4k stating in the video that "this one is eager to kill".

Spider Centurion

Jabber Sidekick

The Jabber Sidekick is more dog-like as it happily drags its victim to Fl4k for approval. The Jabber Sidekick's spiked body and tail are intimidating enough, but it also apparently has its own gun. The Stalker skill tree has many useful skills for the Jabber sidekick, such as "Lick the Wounds", which would let it revive Fl4k when they're taken out in the "Fight For Your Life" state. As the site states, this skill would be especially useful in solo play. Fl4k states that the Jabber Sidekick is "eager to please", and the skill tree reflects its affection for Fl4k.

Guard Skag

Lastly, there's the Guard Skag for the Master Skill. The Skag Pet "buffs your damage" and attacks enemies with "vicious bites and projectile vomit". Whilst the Spider and Jabber pets were happy to helpfully pull victims over to Fl4k, Fl4k states of the Guard Skag that "this one...well, he likes to chase cars". The Guard Skag is also dog-like, with its whirls of excitement after it had proudly dragged a beaten up vehicle over for inspection. This somehow renders it adorable, even if it is somewhat reminiscent of a Demodog.

Borderlands 3 Fl4k

In other Borderlands news, there's now details on Planet Eden-6:

A complete contrast to the urban Promethea, Eden-6 is an untamed planet lush with nature and infested with Saurians and Jabbers which are far less friendly than Fl4k's. Whilst Promethea was the ultimate of futuristic-urban, Eden-6 has few settlements, and the civilisation it does have is being overrun by the Children of the Vault.

All-in-all, there has been a wave of information for Borderlands 3. There's just over a month until the game releases on September 13th, and perhaps this slew of reveals will dry up now the release date approaches. What do you think of Eden-6 and Fl4k? Will Fl4k and their pack be your choice in Borderlands 3? Let us know in the comments!

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