Twitch Launches its own Broadcasting Software Aimed at New Streamers

By Sean Carey, 11 days ago
Twitch has become a staple in the way we consume videogame-related content. From the industry's most significant gaming events like E3 and competitive eSports finales, down to individual one-person let's plays, Twitch has undoubtedly revolutionised the gaming industry. Now the streaming platform is building upon its reputation by launching its own broadcasting software, Twitch Studio.

twitch studio beta

The new all-in-one streaming app is aimed at new streamers with Twitch saying, "We know a lot of people want to stream but fail to start because it can be complicated. Twitch Studio improves the experience for new streamers by making it easier to get started, with guidance on how to set up your first stream."

Streamers have had to rely on third-party software such as OBS or Streamlabs to get online and start broadcasting. For some, it's complicated. With the amount of customisation and things to bring together before a potential first stream, it can be daunting. Twitch Studio aims to simplify the process by removing the need for software such as OBS.

Twitch Studio offers a guided set up to help find the best settings for microphones and webcams. The software also provides customisable templates for potential streamers to get their stream looking exactly how they want it. It also comes with a built-in activity feed to help with audience engagement.

This recent Twitch news comes off the back of Ninja — Twitch's most popular streamer — switching platforms and exclusively streaming on the Microsoft owned platform, Mixer.

The software is currently in closed beta, and if you're interested, you can sign up here.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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