A Microsoft Patent Application Shows a Device Similar to a Nintendo Switch

By Sean Carey, 11 days ago
A new patent application filed by Microsoft last month shows off a potential handheld Xbox device — one that could potentially rival the Nintendo Switch.

Xbox controller charging patent filing

The patent filing details a charging device for what looks like two separate gamepads, similar to a pair of joy-cons, that can be attached to an existing touch-screen device like a smartphone or tablet. From the application, it is unclear whether this new gamepad setup is for mobile games, or if this could be an input method for Microsoft's upcoming Project xCloud streaming service.

Concept design artist Sarang Sheth over at Yanko Design has come up with a few renders based off the filing. Sheth's concept art shows us what the potential handheld device could look like.

Credit: Yanko DesignCredit: Yanko Design

Don't get your hopes up yet, however! This is only a patent application and the dream of a handheld Xbox console might not happen.

Source: T3
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