Incoming Dead Cells Update Adds Mini-Bosses and a Devastating Frying Pan

By Heidi Nicholas, 1 month ago
Motion Twin announced the 14th update for Dead Cells, titled "Who's the Boss". As the title suggests, the update includes new monsters to kill, as well as new weapons to kill them with.

Dead Cells Who's the Boss?

Motion Twitter's Vlog gives more details. The update brings 6 new mobs and 7 new weapons. As the title suggests, the update is boss-themed. The update addresses an issue players had wherein they couldn't prepare for the bosses before meeting them, and would lose however much progress they'd made by being killed instantly. This update means that there will now be mini versions of the bosses to practice against, each of which will utilise one of the most dangerous attacks of their bigger version. These mini bosses will appear in the biome before the stage of the boss fight. Steve Filby, a producer on the game, states in the vlog that Motion Twin has "always loved the idea of being able to steal the power from a boss... after you defeat them", and so they've "picked an iconic move of each of the bosses and then...turned it into a skill or a weapon". These weapons will be unlocked after defeating the boss. Longtime fans will also be happy to hear the the pan is finally available as a short-range weapon, so players can slap and smash enemies to their heart's content.

"Who's the Boss" also adds 3 new mutations, designed "to reward the glass cannon and melee tactics playstyle". The update also includes a host of bug fixes and general quality of life improvements. The update is live now on Stream and will be on consoles in about 2-3 weeks.

How does this update sound to you? Will you be going up against the mini bosses and searching for the new weapons? Let us know in the comments!

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