Take To The Seas And Hunt Dark Relics With Sea Of Thieves' New Update

By Heidi Nicholas, 1 month ago
Rare released a content trailer about a new Sea of Thieves update, titled Dark Relics:

Powerful Dark Relics have been stolen from the Order of Souls by skeletons. The Order of Souls has placed Duke in charge of retrieving them, and he can now be found in any tavern, recruiting pirates for Voyages. The five types of Relics are the Enchantment Vessel, Hexing Skull, Evil Eye, Mutinous Effigy and Bewitching Doll, and players can get an individual Commendation for each type. The Voyages for these Relics cost 5 Doubloons and will take players to The Wilds, The Shores of Plenty, and The Ancient Isles. There's also an exclusive Dark Relic Athena's Fortune Voyage for Pirate Legends, which costs 10 Doubloons and takes them into The Devil's Roar. It'll be dangerous, but success means more Relics.

Defeating the skeleton thieves will also result in Ritual Skulls. Players can return these along with Dark Relics for Commendations and gold, whilst Pirate Legends can give their Ritual Skulls to the Mysterious Stranger. Completing voyages unlocks the new titles of Relic Hunter and Relic Collector, as well as new cosmetics, including the cannons, wheel and capstan of the Mercenary ship cosmetic set.

Sea of Thieves Mercenary Cosmetic

There's always more to be wary of in the Sea of Thieves, however. Reaper's Chests are emerging across the map from the waters around shipwrecks. Nobody knows what's in these chests, but they have such a strong energy that they send beams of light up into the sky and can be seen for miles around. Duke will pay good money for them, but be careful; unfortunately that same powerful energy means that as soon as players pick up a Reaper's Chest, it becomes visible on the map to all rival crews. Pirates will have a hard time bringing them back to Duke, but doing so nets them more than Doubloons. Players will get a range of Mercenary Commendations, along with the new Death Defier Title.

Sea of Thieves Dark Relics

In other news, players will now be coming across rowboats which have been outfitted with harpoons. Because, why not? All in all, the Dark Relics update brings a flood of new content, along with a range of quality of life improvements. It's live as of today, so now's the time to rally your crew and begin the search for Dark Relics.

What do you think? Will you be taking to the seas to fight off skeletons and win back Dark Relics? Let us know in the comments!

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