TA Gaming Stats - 16 May 11 to 22 May 11

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
It is my honor to introduce to all of you TrueAchievement's latest innovation: Weekly game and achievement stat articles.

Every Saturday, TrueAchievement will provide the Top Retail Games Started, Top Arcade Games Started, Top Retail Games Completed, Top Arcade Games Completed and finally, the Top Achievements Earned for the previous calendar week.

This report is for the period 16 May '11 to 22 May '11.

Games Started

Coming as a shock to no one, Rockstar Games' latest blockbuster, L.A. Noire is our number one Game of the Week. More people started L.A. Noire than the rest of our Top 5 put together.

On the XBLA side of our stats, the power of being a Deal of the Week can not be denied, as Age of Booty proved to be more popular then the latest release, SEGA Rally Online.

33,341 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 50,822 games between them (1,320 different games).

Top Retail Games Started
Top Arcade Games Started

Games Completed

Boosted by recent DLC, Fallout: New Vegas is a somewhat surprising number one.

On the XBLA side, Harm's Way is the number one completion. 194 people started Harm's Way this week and only 101 finished. May I suggest a TA Gaming Session if you need to get the online lobby achievement ?

6,075 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 8,177 games between them (898 different games).

Top Retail Games Completed
Top Arcade Games Completed

Achievements Won

The most popular game gave us all of the Top 10 Most Earned Achievements of the Week.

That is not the impressive part of these stats. The impressive part is that in one week, TrueAchievement users earned just under one million achievements. My mind can barely comprehend just how large a number that is for only a week's worth of play time.

62,710 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 933,856 achievements online between them (37,705 different achievements).

Top Achievements Won

Join us next week when we see if Dirt 3 can topple L.A. Noire and if the latest Community Interview's release, Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale can debut at the top XBLA spot.