UPDATE: Two Senior Developers Leave BioWare In A Week

By Heidi Nicholas,
UPDATE: Fernando Melo, Senior Producer for BioWare, has also announced his departure via twitter. Melo was at BioWare even longer than Irving, having spent 12 years working there on projects such as the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises.

Melo shares the parting email he sent to the studio, and both this and his tweets evidence how much he appreciated his time at BioWare. He states that Dragon Age has "a great leadership team in place, a fantastic creative vision, and some of the best devs in the world", and that Morrison is "well underway to becoming the definitive Dragon Age experience". Melo emphasises that this is his "own decision", which he took so that he could "explore a couple ideas" for the "next chapter" in his career. Melo is the latest in a string of BioWare employees who have left the studio to pursue other projects. Melo and Irving both made clear how much the studio meant to them, and both haven't specified what their next steps will be. Nevertheless, it's interesting to speculate about projects they may take on next, and what these departures mean for BioWare's future.

Original story: After 8 years at BioWare and being the Lead Producer for Anthem, Ben Irving has announced via Twitter that he's leaving to join another gaming company.

Irving states that BioWare was his "dream place" to work, and that his 8 years there have been "amazing". He says that Anthem has a "bright future" and a "great team working on it", and that he's "really enjoyed interacting with the Anthem community". Irving finishes with the statement that he wishes "nothing but the best for all of you".

Irving didn't specify which gaming company he was moving to. Recently, we discussed how Microsoft's "AAAA" studio The Initiative was snapping up industry talents left and right. They've just added Ryan Duffin, who had been an Animation Director for Anthem, and Sean Slayback, who had worked as a Senior Games Designer on Apex Legends and both Titanfall games for Respawn. There's no telling where Irving is headed, but perhaps he'll join Duffin in a move to The Initiative. Either way, BioWare's professional landscape has certainly experienced a lot of upheaval lately, and it'll be interesting to see where the future of the game is heading.

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