A New Trailer Announces The Weird and Wacky Spacebase Startopia

By Heidi Nicholas, 28 days ago
Spacebase Startopia is an upcoming management and strategy simulation game from Realmforge Studios, and has just been announced by Kalypso Media:

Something bad has happened to the last Commander of the Spacebase Startopia. The player, identified by VAL, the Space Station AI, as the "only rational life form in this Sector", must therefore become the new Commander of the Space Station. Their job is to turn the Spacebase Startopia into the best tourism attraction in the universe. The sub-deck, the fun deck and the bio-deck are the three main decks of the station, and one of the primary tasks of the game is to manage these. The game's site states that the sub-deck contains "all of the Rooms vital to survival, while the Fun Deck focuses on your visitors and the flora and fauna found on the Bio Deck provides sufficient Resources for survival." There's competition for your job, however. Players must work against their rivals, using either economic sabotage or physical attacks with Mech Units. The game will therefore feature RTS and combat elements, as players must also ward off Space Pirates. Nor will you be working alone. VAL will be present and opinionated at all times, whether you wish her to be or not.

The trailer doesn't give much away, and so it'll be interesting to see what news surfaces about this game as its Q3 2020 release date approaches.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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