The New Trailer for GreedFall Focuses on the Range of Factions and Companions

By Heidi Nicholas,
The new Gamescom trailer for GreedFall focuses on the companion options. The game places a lot of emphasis on diplomacy, and players will most likely be interacting with each faction. Apparently, players can choose anyone they encounter to be a companion. Choosing from such vastly differing factions will undoubtedly lead to unrest, and it may be hard to keep the peace in your party.

The trailer shows us several of the companions available: Vasco of the Nauts faction, Siora of the Natives faction, Aphra of the Bridge Alliance, Petrus of the Theleme faction, and Kurt of the Coin Guard. This selection of characters clearly shows the diverse peoples which are found on Greedfall. Videos on the game's site and Twitter give more information about the gameworld and its characters. Kurt is a "dedicated mercenary of the Coin Guard" and your "loyal master of arms", who "is almost akin to an older brother." He'll be coming over with the player from Serene, the polluted city on the coast of the Old Continent and "home of the royal palace". Kurt's "manner may seem aloof, even rude", but he has an "obsession with responsibility and honour". It seems this brotherly bond will be tested on Teer Fradee, as Focus asks "Will you maintain his friendship, even as allegiances come into conflict?". Such allegiances which might cause conflict could be with Siora. Siora, a Teer Fradee Native, is "fiercely protective of her people's rights. Side strongly with someone antagonistic to the Natives while in her presence, and an angry interruption may force your hand into bloodshed."


Petrus may well be such an antagonistic character. He "is a member of the missionary order from Theleme" who is "Well-versed in culture and politics," but his "easy-going nature... belies a deep ambition." Petrus comes from San Matheus, a major settlement on Teer Fradee named after the founder of the Theleme. Focus's description of him states that he has "past ties as a diplomat in the D'Orsay court", perhaps hinting at a settlement which has not yet been revealed. Petrus's outward display of "fatherly affection" looks to be tested, as Focus asks "Will Petrus follow you to the end, or will his ambitions stand in the way?"

Aphra is "a young but already renowned naturalist" of the Bridge Alliance. She looks to be closely tied in with the player's goals, as she "is involved in the efforts to find a cure for The Malichor on Teer Fradee", and she has a "deep fascination with the natives and their culture". Vasco, meanwhile, is a captain of the Nauts faction, perhaps the same captain who sails the player across to Teer Fradee. He's "one of the more secretive, closed members of your party", but "Spend time with the captain and complete his personal questline and he'll inevitably open up".

Each of the characters in the party need to be placated and engaged with. It looks as though the player will be constantly needing to keep a balance between them. Each has "their own story and unique personal quests" and "Ignoring them for too long may even cause them to leave the party". Some relationships have the option to become romantic. Overall, there's a lot of importance placed on relationships in the tinder-box of Teer Fradee, with Focus reminding you that "In GreedFall, you are a diplomat above all else." If you'd like to see more, check out one of their location trailers:

Greedfall will release on September 10.

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