Need for Speed Heat Achievement List Revealed

By Sean Carey, 1 month ago
EA has released the achievement list for Need for Speed Heat on their website. The list features 32 achievements totalling a Gamerscore of 825. There are ten hidden achievements that haven't been announced yet, most likely due to them being linked to the games story mode, which will make up the rest of the missing Gamerscore.

Notable achievements that could prove a bit tricky are Be the Very Best which involves collectables for a total of 60 Gamerscore, Cashing In where players have to earn and back 1,000,000 rep in a single night for 60 Gamerscore, and I Said Right Now where players will have to upgrade a vehicle to 399 tier rating for another 60 Gamerscore. Check out the list below:

Name Description Gamerscore
Humble Beginnings Reach REP level 2 10
Notorious Reach REP level 50 40
Wrap it Up! Customize a vehicle with a wrap 10
Blame the Vain Equip items to all visual customization slots 10
Redline Equip handling parts for maximum race 20
Sideways Style Equip handling parts for maximum drift 20
Component Parts Equip handling parts for maximum road traction 20
The Hackney Dream Equip handling parts for maximum offroad traction 20
Techin' Equip parts in both special part slots 15
Change My Name Change the License plate text 10
Hear Me Roar Modify exhaust sound 10
Swappin' Customize a vehicle with an engine swap 20
I Said Right Now Upgrade a vehicle to 399 Tier Rating 60
You Have Friends? Complete 5 events in All-Drive with other human players 15
Benefits Are Nice Complete 25 events in All-Drive with other human players 40
Two Racers, One Event Beat your first Autolog Recommendation 15
Don't Quit Your Day Job Complete your first Daily Challenge 15
All for One Reach crew level 50 40
Cashing In Earn and bank 1,000,000 rep during one night 60
At the Last Second Repair critical damage at a gas station 20
Danger Zone Complete all Speed Traps 20
Drift, Drift, Drift Complete all Drift Zones 20
Space Cadet Complete all Jumps 20
Comeback Kid Be last during the final lap of a race and still win 15
Graffer Collect all the Graffiti Decals 20
Be the Very Best Complete all Collectibles 60
A Bit of Paradise Smash your way through all the Billboards 20
The Brightest Stars Get a 3-Star Rating on all the Activities in the game 40
Are You Not Entertained? Win Discovery 40
The Most Wanted Win an HH-5 event and return to the Garage safely 20
Eleven – Fifty-Six Take down 100 cop vehicles 40
Travis, Who? Escape 100 cop chases 40
Need for Speed Heat crosses the finish line and comes to Xbox One on November 8th, with a couple of different editions and pre-order bonuses available.
Credit for this story goes to Snow Camo Kid
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Written by Sean Carey
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