The Latest Launch Trailer for Control Gives *Slightly* More Information

By Heidi Nicholas, 28 days ago
A new Launch Trailer has just been released for Control, the 3rd person supernatural action-adventure game from 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment.

So far, it's been difficult to glean much information from the trailers for Control. Most recently we discussed the story trailer for the game. Control revolves around Jesse Faden, who must deal with the role of Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. The game is set in The Oldest House, a Place of Power, which has been overrun by the Hiss, the game's foremost antagonists. Control's site states that the Hiss are "an unknown otherworldly entity," a "bodiless force beyond human comprehension which travels between dimensions through resonance." The Hiss "consumes everything it comes across... takes hold of humans and uses them like tools to overpower any resistance it might face. Nobody can withstand the Hiss intrusion for very long without proper protection – and once it has you, you’re done for.” The Hiss are also apparently responsible for "corrupting matter in unpredictable ways," explaining why Jesse doesn't seem to be tied to the usual laws of physics in the trailer. She can be seen jumping and floating as if gravity doesn't apply to her. The trailer also shows several of the enemies she comes across, and this idea of the "unpredictable" mutation of matter is once again visible as she throws some sort of reality-distorting weapon at one of them. Jesse also seems to have her own powers, but we may have to wait until the game's release on the 27th of August to find out more about them.

We've got the full list of Control achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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