Free Play Days: Generation Zero is Free to Play This Weekend

By Sean Carey, 27 days ago
Thanks to Xbox Live Free Play Days, if you're an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber you can get your hands on Avalance Studios' open-world survival game Generation Zero this weekend.

Generation Zero is a first-person open-world survival game, set in a1980s post-apocalyptic alternate-reality Sweden. The world is overrun with machines that kill on sight. Players assume the role of a Swedish teenager who returns home to find his home overrun with robots.

You can play solo or team up with three other friends in co-op multiplayer and explore the Swedish countryside. Enemies are persistently simulated in the world, so if you damage one, you can come back weeks later to find that same enemy baring the scars of battle and finish it off.

If you want to know a bit more about Generation Zero, check out our review here. Unfortunately, the game does have one unobtainable achievement.

The Free Play Days event hasn't started just yet, but Generation Zero should be free to download at some point today, and will most likely be playable up until Monday.
Generation Zero®
Generation Zero®

Experience an explosive game of cat and mouse set in a vast open world. In this reimagining of 1980’s Sweden - rendered with the award-winning Apex game engine - hostile machines have invaded the serene countryside, and you need to fight back! Go it alone, or team-up with up to three of your friends in seamless co-op multiplayer. By utilizing battle tested guerilla tactics, you’ll be able to lure, cripple, or destroy enemies in intense, creative sandbox skirmishes.

We've got the full list of Generation Zero achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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