We're Streaming Aritana and the Twin Masks and PC Building Simulator Today!

By Sean Carey, 28 days ago
We're streaming two games today that couldn't be more different from each other: Aritana and the Twin Masks and PC Building Simulator. Join us from 4pm UK time (3pm UTC) over on our Mixer channel.
PC Building Simulator

First up, is Aritana and the Twin Masks a 3D adventure platformer that is based on Brazilian mythology and culture. A sequel to Aritana & the Harpy's Feather, we will be "exploring and unmasking the forest's mysteries armed with a bow and arrow" and solving several puzzles all to save the tree of life.

Then we will be streaming the popular PC Building Simulator, where we will attempt to build and repair PC's in our very own computer repair shop. Come and learn how to build a PC with us so we can play all of those fantastic Xbox Game Pass for PC games!

Come over and join us on our Mixer channel at 4pm UK Time (3pm UTC) today!
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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