There Won't be a Competitive 5v5 Mode in Battlefield V, Says Senior Producer

By Heidi Nicholas,
DICE's Senior Producer Ryan McArthur provides updates about Battlefield V in the latest "Letters From the Front".

Battlefield V

McArthur announces that the "added focus on improving the quality of the experience and adding more of the content" asked for by players "has led [them] to step back" from their "plans to offer a competitive 5v5 mode". This was "a tough decision", but was made in order for them to "more quickly reach [their] bug-crushing and content goals". He emphasises that they'll "still pursue...a competitive gaming experience", and that this "change in focus" allows them to "better deliver" on their "promise for new content".

In the rest of the letter, McArthur discusses the current status of the game, and states that the next update, 4.4, involves fixes and tweaks as well as "two new infantry maps and an increase in max Rank." The maps are for the Provence and Lofoten Islands, and will "initially feature two modes – Squad Conquest and Team Deathmatch". The maps are "Specifically designed for fans of tighter and tactical combat", but he warns players to "beware the ambushes and chokepoints". The next several updates "will improve game stability...and many other items the community flagged." Another map will drop in update 4.6 this September. The Operation Underground map will be on "Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Breakthrough...Squad Conquest" and, "Coming later with Tides of War for a limited time, Rush will be playable on the map, too." It's their "reimagining of Operation Métro", and he states that 4.6 will be a huge update, with new weapons, vehicles and factions. McArthur finishes with a promise for more transparent communication in the future.

Whilst it's unfortunate that a competetive 5v5 mode won't be making it to Battlefield V, it's clear that there's a huge load of content planned for the game's future.

Source: VG247

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