Minecraft Earth Beta Registration Open for Android Users

By Sean Carey,
Beta registration is now open for Android users for Microsoft's Pokemon GO-like augmented reality mobile game, Minecraft Earth. The game has been in closed beta for iOS users since earlier this summer, but now Android users can sign up to get their hands on with the new AR game.

Minecraft Earth was announced back in May and is very similar to that of other AR mobile games such as Pokemon GO and Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Players will explore their real-world surroundings and will come across items known as Tappables that come in the form of mobs. Interacting with these Tappables unlocks new building materials and skins that can be used to make new creations.

Friends can build new creations together in Minecraft Earth. Creations are overlaid the real world through a device's screen — players can place blocks, collaborate and interact with the new structures they've made. Here is some of the gameplay for that from the Apple WWDC Keynote back in June:

There is no word whether Minecraft Earth will feature achievements or not, but you do need an Xbox Live account to sign up — and with pretty much every other version of Minecraft having achievements, its highly likely this one will too. Although, this is just speculation.

If you're interested in signing up for the beta follow this link, you'll also get a free skin to use in Minecraft Earth for your trouble.

Source: Gamepur
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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