We're Streaming Wreckfest Today Over on our Mixer Channel!

By Sean Carey,
Today, we will be burning some rubber and shredding some metal as we're streaming Bugbear Entertainment's full-contact racing game Wreckfest — which is also released on console today. Be sure to join us over on Mixer from 4 pm UK time (3 pm UTC). Check out the console release trailer below:

Described as a spiritual successor to the FlatOut series Wreckfest is a vehicular combat racing game that centres around carnage and destruction. Gameplay revolves around track racing and demolition derbies with one of the key features being the use of soft-body damage modelling, which enables location-based damage that affects the driving and handling dynamics of a car. Races focus heavily on "vehicular combat." Players will need to find a balance between offensive ramming manoeuvres and defensive tactics, and Destruction Derby is, Destruction Derby — last man (or woman!) standing.
wreckfest release date stream

Join Sean for two hours today from 4 pm UK time (3 pm UTC) as he attempts to smash and crash his way through the career mode. You can find the stream here.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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