Be the First to Battle Velkhana in the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Beta

By Heidi Nicholas, 1 month ago
The Beta for Iceborn, the massive expansion coming to Monster Hunter: World, arrives on Xbox next week.

From September 2nd to September 5th, anyone with access to Xbox Live can take part in the Beta. There will be both single player content, and multiplayer content for up to 4 people. There will be 4 quests to choose from, each corresponding to a different difficulty. The Monster Hunter site describes these further: for instance, novice hunters can travel to the Ancient Forest to hunt a Great Jagras. More experienced hunters can tackle a "Big-horned" Banbaro, "A a running brick wall" in Hoarfrost Reach. More practised hunters still can hunt a Tigrex, a "flying wyvern straight out of prehistory, known for its deafening roar and...overwhelming charge". Master hunters can journey to the Elder's Recess to take on "Velkhana of the Frost", the legendary Elder Dragon "with the power to freeze all".

The site also mentions that "Quest difficulty will increase depending on the number of players, with different tiers for solo, pair, or group play." Completing these quests will also unlock commendation packs; rewards which can then be claimed in the full version of the game. These will include "useful items such as max potions and meal vouchers". There's also a host of new features in the Beta. A new mode of transport comes via "the Raider Ride", in which players can "summon Tailraider monsters" to ride around the map. There will be "new actions and combo mechanics for each weapon", and the ability to take screenshots in View Mode. A new weapon, the Clutch Claw", allows you to "Fire a sharpened claw that will enable you to grapple onto monsters when it successfully hits. When grappling, you will be able to influence the target monster's movements".

The Beta begins on September 2nd at 12AM PDT, 8AM BST and ends on September 4th at 11:59PM PDT, September 5th at 7:59AM BST.

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