An Apex Legends Leak at GameStop Gives the First Possible Look at Crypto

By Heidi Nicholas, 1 month ago
The trailer for Season 2 of Apex Legends showed a mystery character destroying the Repulsor Tower with an EMP, consequently luring in leviathans and swarms of flyers. Following on from the news that The Lion King and Aladdin Games might be getting remastered, this latest leak from Gamestop seems to confirm Crypto as that character:

Is this Crypto?

PC Gamer noted these posts from Reddit user Teves3D, who uploaded the 3 screenshots. The character assumed to be Crypto looks quite altered compared to the first apparent leak of his character, but both wear the same green and white jacket; the very same jacket, it seems, as was worn by the hacker who blew up the Repulsor Tower. The laptop Crypto used has also been left in the game as a tease. A picture of a weapon named the "Charge Rifle" was also uploaded to Reddit. There's no hint yet as to how it works, but it definitely looks heavy-duty. The last screenshot shows a cosmetic skin seemingly modelled after Frankenstein's monster, and it looks as though it's intended for Gibraltar. This would imply what many fans have been hoping for; that a Halloween event is on the way.

It seems that Crypto may be well on the way to Apex Legends. We discussed this possibility recently, when a Video Developer for the game teased new content with pictures of a motion-capture session. Respawn tend to be very communicative of fans, with the history of their teasers and resulting interactions with fans giving a quite reliable pattern for new Legends. None of this can be taken as a definite until confirmed by Respawn or EA, but seeing as how Respawn have usually teased a character before its release, it's possible to assume that this leak might really show Crypto's confirmed appearance.

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