"Blood-Pumping" Combat in the New Trailer for The Surge 2

By Heidi Nicholas,
There's less than a month to go until The Surge 2 comes out, and players can begin planning their strategy with the new Combat trailer:

The trailer shows off the game's "blood-pumping combat". There will be "80 weapons to choose from, a directional parry system, dodge mechanics, drones, and a huge range of brutal execution moves". Combat is key to survival, and not just because everything in the game is trying to kill you. Players must "target specific parts" on their enemies to chop off key tech to upgrade their exo-rig — so combat is the way to evolve your character.

There's just under a month to go until The Surge 2 comes out and players can begin to navigate "Jericho City, a dystopian sci-fi megacity" where "you will be hunted by everything" and must "evolve to survive".

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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