UPDATE: The developers have acknowledged that the internal store in the Windows 10 edition of Gears POP! has been taken down while investigating purchasing issues — presumably those highlighted by K4rn4ge and others. Windows 10 players are now being offered a standard silver Gear Pack as a gift, to apologise for the inconvenience. If you are a Windows 10 player, check your in-game inbox.

Original story:

As per this week's Xbox Gameplay Chart, Gears POP! has turned out to be pretty popular. One of its appeals to our crowd has been cross-platform progression and play on Windows 10. Unfortunately, something weird has started happening.

gears pop achievements

Cross platform Horde requests aren't showing up properly on Windows 10, while some players have reported drastically reduced difficulty in Arena Versus matches with non-Xbox Live players — possibly bots, or at the very least players picked from a drastically reduced matchmaking pool. These strange issues have lead to some speculation that cross platform play on PC isn't actually available. We don't have reports from the League level as of yet to confirm if the problem extends all the way up to the top of the ranking.

To add to the confusion, the game's store has now disappeared completely on Windows 10 even though it remains on mobile versions. While those who aren't huge fans of micro-transactions probably won't shed a tear, there are some useful daily deals using the game's own currency that Win 10 players simply can't see. Some have speculated that the store issue is linked to problems purchasing the Welcome Bundle, which K4rn4ge and Stallion83 came across around the game's launch:

We've also had some reports that Xbox Live connectivity has disappeared from iOS, though that hasn't been confirmed. If true, it could just be that Gears POP! is having a particularly buggy 24 hours, rather than any deliberate changes happening behind the scenes.

We've reached out to the Gears POP! team for clarification on the issue and we will keep you updated.

We've got the full list of Gears POP! achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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