Street Outlaws: The List Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Street Outlaws: The List Achievement list.

There are 33 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Street Outlaws: The List Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Ready or not... Complete the Tutorial 10
Rising Star Reach Tier 2 25
Soaring with the Eagles Reach Tier 3 50
In the Big Leagues Reach the List 50
Crown The King Obtain First place on the list 100
It'll buff out Complete a track with all modifiers enabled 10
Flawless Victory Achieve gold or higher in every race in a episode 100
It was the glare! Release the trans-brake too early in a drag race 10
Flying High Jump a total of 60 seconds in the bullseye game mode 25
Hammer time Hit 6 targets in 5 seconds in the smash game mode 25
Clean as a whistle Achieve a gold medal in challenge race without crashing 25
Tighten your seat belt Hit your first Bump Barrel 10
Was just a practice run Restart a race 10
Make my day... Obtain a Reaction time of 0.100 or less 100
Dude, there's my car! Complete a platinum challenge 10
Wearing the crown Win a race against Big Chief 100
Farm Trick Win a race against Farmtruck 25
Who's your daddy? Win a race against Daddy Dave 50
Monza Down Win a race against Monza 10
Dominated Win a race against Dominator 50
You're just too smooth Win a race against Murder Nova 10
Ox the Fox Win a race against Ox the Fox 10
Fired and missed Win a race against Kamikaze Chris 10
Is there a doctor in the house? Win a race against Doc 25
A walk in the park Win a race against Parkway Paulie 25
Shell out Order a part worth more than 10,000 in the shop 10
Looking for a come up Buy 12 or more parts from the junkyard 10
Only the best Equip a platinum part 10
Better than nothing Reach 2,500 car performance 10
Now you're playing with fire! Reach 3,500 car performance 25
Lighting McSpeed Reach 4,500 car performance 40
It matches my spark plugs... Equip a setbonus 10
The Designer! Equip a car skin 10
Strap-in and put the pedal to the floor cause there’s only enough room for 10! Build, Customize, Race and Earn your way on to the “List", competition is ruthless and everyone is fighting for the respect that comes with the top spot. Your goal? Earn a spot on "The List".
Street Outlaws: The List is developed by Team6 Games and published by GameMill Entertainment.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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