Worldwide Xbox Gears Ink Events Offering Fans Gears 5 Tattoos

By Heidi Nicholas, 22 days ago
Xbox have a long history of celebrating the love for the Gears of War games with their fanbase. This year, ahead of the release of Gears 5, it seems that Xbox are going bigger than ever.

Gears Ink Events

As Xbox's site states; "Tattoos are a long-held tradition in the Gears of War world", and "Even more remarkable than the tattoos" are their stories "of devotion not just to the game but to family, friendships, memories and even marriages of people who met while playing online." In 2015, fans were given the chance to have their tattoos redone by tattoo artist Steve Soto. The year after, 4 fans told their story about their experiences of the game, and Soto was brought back to create more ink. This year, Xbox are taking Gears Ink global, with one-night pop-up events in LA, London, Berlin, Paris, Mexico City and Melbourne, throughout early September. "Each Gears Ink event will feature some of the world’s greatest tattoo artists creating bespoke tattoos for some of the world’s biggest Gears fans, inspired by the Gears universe, their own unique style and culture of each location."

Los Angeles (4th September), 18:00-23:00
Berlin (4th September) 18:00-23:00
Melbourne (5th September) 19:00- 22:30
London (5th September) 10:00-22:00
Paris (5th September) 18:00-22:00
Mexico City (6th September) From 17:00

You can register for these here. Regardless of whether you can make these, Xbox will be streaming each event live "including celebrities, gameplay and live Gears Ink tattoos."

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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