The "Twilight" for Gears 4 As Support Winds Down

By Heidi Nicholas, 1 month ago
It's a "bitter-sweet" moment for the Gears studio, as their blog announces the "twilight" for Gears of War 4.

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"Gears 4 was our first true entry into the Gears saga and a huge learning experience for all of us. We’re incredibly proud of what Gears 4 achieved, and how our time together with the community over the past three years has shaped what Gears 5 has become. Thank you truly, deeply, for all your support since October 2016. It’s meant the world to us."

There are several upcoming changes to the game. Ranked Play will be removed from Gears 4 in January 2020. The current Ranked Season will continue until then. Replacing it will be "a new series of playlists across Core and Competitive. These playlists will have relaxed latency and skill rating rules" and " all quit penalties will be disabled." There will be no more Events in Gears 4, as Microsoft will be concentrating on Gears 5. Midnight Omen/Flaming Weapon Skins will be able to be crafted with the Playlist Update in January next year, ensuring that the ‘Better Than Bacon’ and ‘I Like Em Crispy’ achievements are still obtainable. Microsoft are also looking at possibly introducing a permanent XP Boost, as they have done with previous Gears games. They emphasise that at they can't currently confirm this will happen, but that it's something they're definitely looking into.

Gears 4 will be leaving Games with Gold tomorrow, as August's games begin to be replaced with the September lineup. It's sad to see that Gears 4 will be stepping out of the spotlight, but there remains plenty to look forward to with Gears 5.

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