Prepare For Terror With The Blair Witch Launch Trailer

By Heidi Nicholas, 1 month ago
Bloober Team's Launch Trailer for Blair Witch massively ramps up suspense for the game, and makes you more nervous for Bullet than ever:

That brief reassuring glimpse of sunshine at the beginning of the trailer vanishes as quickly as it came, and then it's straight into Blair Witch terror. The premise of the game is that Ellis, a former police officer, is heading into the Black Hills Forest along with his dog Bullet, to look for the missing 9-year-old Peter Shannon. Peter's disappearance is linked to the first movie in that the reporter on Ellis's radio in the trailer describes it as the latest "in a series of disappearances dating back to 1994, when a group of students ventured into the woods near Burkittsville, never to be seen again."

We discussed our impressions of Blair Witch after playing it at Gamescom in more detail here. One thing that has been made overwhelmingly clear from this and Bloober Team's trailers is that we'll be dismayed if anything happens to Bullet (who is clearly the most important character).


The trailer somehow manages to show more of what we've already seen— the psychological terror of the woods, how Bullet can be used to help your exploration, how the camcorder can be utilised— whilst still being even more terrifying than any of its previous trailers. It seems we might be learning more about Ellis's dark past as his mental state begins to deteriorate, especially as the trailer ends with the words: "This is your chance to do something good, Ellis. Don't waste it." Ellis is approaching a terrifying house as these words play. It is entirely run down, and would look abandoned if not for the light in one of the windows. Those words could pose the question; what happened in Ellis's past to make him so desperate not to "waste" his chance to do good that he'll head towards the world's creepiest house, in the world's creepiest forest — at night, no less — which just so happens to be the site of numerous disappearances?

We're (apprehensively) thinking of streaming Blair Witch next week— would that be something you'd enjoy joining us to watch? Let us know in the comments!

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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