Take a Look at Life in the Halcyon Colony With the New Outer Worlds Trailer

By Heidi Nicholas,
The new trailer for The Outer Worlds gives a lengthier look at the Halcyon Holdings Corporation, the megacorporation ruling life in the Outer Worlds.

The comical, retro-futuristic atmosphere which Obsidian are so skilled at is once again clear in this trailer. It's framed as an advertisement from the Halcyon colony, asking for recruits for their colonisation programs. The friendly Halcyon voiceover is played along with inspirational music as it depicts an idealistic image of life as their employee. "Do you dream of working on the frontier of space?" the voiceover states cheerfully. Then "come to Halcyon, where prosperity awaits you among the stars" and where you'll be "are guaranteed full employment" ("guarantees not guaranteed"). These exciting statements are accompanied by awe-inspiring views of space and the colorful spectacle of Halcyon's colonies on these new planets.

Halcyon job offer

The fact that these images are shot from very far away explains a lot. Get closer and the video begins to jar and stutter, and you begin to see the canyon-sized cracks in this proposition. The trailer shows 2 planets, Terra 2 and Monarch. The narrator states that you can "Enjoy a productive life in one of our many employment communities" across Terra 2 whilst the trailer shows what looks to be an enormous graveyard outside the community. "Gourmet dining" means ground Saltuna, whilst the words "guaranteed housing" are spoken over the image of an "Evicted" sign plastered across a house, and the words "guarantees not guaranteed" play across the bottom of the screen once more. Halcyon "approved social clubs" are shown to be dilapidated bars, where one unfortunate employee collapses in tears. "You never know what you'll find on Terra 2", the narrator enthusiastically tells you as the bodies of other Halcyon employees are shown and monstrous beasts crawl through the colony. Monarch also has some choice descriptions. "Gently terraformed and pristine" means an even more savage world than Terra 2, whose wildlife are clearly putting up a fight against Halcyon's presence. Monarch is an "alien world just waiting to be tamed", and your job will be to "bring civilization to wild places".


Halcyon apparently "has a place for everyone", whether you prefer a scientific approach or being more hands-on. Whatever your choose, it looks as though infiltrating and destroying Halcyon will be insanely enjoyable. The Outer Worlds is set to release on 25th October.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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