Borderlands 3 Endgame: There's Always More To Do

By Heidi Nicholas, 20 days ago
With just under 2 weeks to go until Borderlands 3 releases, the game's site explains how much there's still to do after completing the story campaign.

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It seems that "Even after you've traveled the galaxy, eliminated countless enemies, and finally finished Borderlands 3's story campaign, your quest for the best loot is only just getting started." Gearbox's Main Theatre Show at PAX West gave a host of information about what players can expect from Borderlands 3's endgame.

Guardian Rank

Guardian Rank is unlocked after finishing the main campaign and is levelled up with EXP. It's similar in design to the Badass Rank system in previous Borderlands games, and the idea is to "unlock incremental stat improvements that apply to all your Vault Hunters." Guardian Rank includes buffs on top of these bonuses. Players can also unlock Guardian Tokens and Guardian Rewards. Guardian Tokens can be used against bonus stats, whilst Guardian Rewards include "weapon and Vault Hunter skins to help show off your commitment to vault hunting, as well as passive buffs that can seriously boost your overall power."

True Vault Hunter Mode

Aside from Guardian Ranks, beating the campaign will also unlock the True Vault Hunter Mode; a version of New Game+. The enemies of this mode "will be tougher and the loot will be better compared to your Normal mode conquests. Your character's mission progress is unique to Normal or True Vault Hunter playthroughs, but your Vault Hunters' stats and equipment are shared across both modes."

Mayhem Mode

The 3rd part of Borderlands 3's endgame to be unlocked upon completing the campaign is Mayhem Mode, a "mysterious terminal aboard Sanctuary III" which features 3 difficulty levels: Mayhem 1, Mayhem 2, or Mayhem 3. Choosing any of these means that "enemies get increased health, shields, and armor, while you get bonus cash, Eridium, experience gains, and chances for better loot." Gearbox don't recommend starting with Mayhem 3, but rather climbing your way from Mayhem 1. Mayhem Mode also includes Mayhem Mods which, as the name suggests, applies "a random selection of modifiers" to" any planet you visit." The Borderlands site cites examples of these as Savage, "where all enemies deal more weapon damage" and You're a Wizard, "which reduces the damage players do with normal bullets but increases their elemental damage by the same amount".

However, there's still more to expect from Borderlands 3 in the future, including the Bloody Harvest Event, the Maliwan Takedown, and the game's first DLC. The Bloody Harvest Event includes a free content update, "spooky" and supposedly themed activities, and unique event rewards. The Maliwan Takedown also includes a free content update along with a new map, new enemies, a new boss, and more rewards. Lastly, the as-yet-unknown DLC 1 will be a paid content update included with the game's Season Pass, and will feature an add-on to the campaign.

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Source: VG247

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