Ashen DLC 'Nightstorm Isle' Announced — Launches September 6th

By Sean Carey, 16 days ago
After months of silence, Ashen, the moody role-playing action game, is getting a new DLC next week. Nightstorm Isle is coming to Xbox One on September 6th.

The plot of the DLC is outlined on A44 Games' website. Players will catch up with Kol on The Whispers Coastline ready to travel over to Nightstorm Isle with the promise of rewards to be discovered. A friend unexpectedly crosses your path, asking for help with a desperate matter.

From there, the player will journey to Nightstorm Isle and will come across vast uninviting terrain and "some of the most adaptive and reclusive Bral encountered to date."

Nightstorm Isle can be played at any point during Ashen although it is recommended to complete Jokell's side journey 'Birthright' if you're a fan of Ashen's lore.

There is no mention of how much the DLC will cost, or if it will have any achievements, but we will keep you updated on both when we find out.

Nightstorm Isle is available to download on September 6th, while Ashen is available on Xbox Game Pass. If you don't have Game Pass, why not sign up using the link below. You can get two months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just $2.

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