Xbox Insiders Start Testing the October 2019 Xbox Update

By Sean Carey, 15 days ago
Xbox Insiders are testing out some new features coming to Xbox One consoles ahead of a large update coming in October. Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha testers have already been hands-on with the new improvements, with Beta, Delta and Omega Preview testers getting the update in the upcoming weeks, in the lead up to the full release.

xbox insiders update

One of the main features of the new update is Wish List Notifications. The October update will include notifications that will update users when an item in their Wish List is on sale.

Mixer is integrating further with the console. Mixer is being built right into the dashboard, meaning viewers won't have to tab over to the separate app to view their favourite streamers.

Improvements have been made to the Recent Players feature, allowing players to connect with people they've met online quicker and easier.

Game capture is becoming more flexible with the update and gives players more control over their game capture experience. The "Allow game captures" setting has a couple more options over what captures can be taken. Players can choose from ”Captures by me,” “Captures by me or games,” or “Don’t capture.”

There are a few more features including a Recommend a Game Pass Title feature that allows players to recommend their favourite Game Pass games to their buddies, as well as some improvements regarding background game updates. The "update required" screen will be seen less frequently when launching a game thanks to the update.

Source: Xbox Wire
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