Celeste: Chapter 9: Farewell Comes Out This Month

By Heidi Nicholas, 15 days ago
Popular platformer Celeste is saying its final goodbye with the upcoming DLC, Chapter 9: Farewell. There's no news yet on what the story might be, but players can prep themselves by checking the Celeste achievements for the game's past content. Developer Matt Makes Games has now been rebranded as Extremely OK Games (EXOK), and these 2 pieces of news were announced in their blog "Hello, and Farewell".

Celeste Portrait

Celeste's Chapter 9 is a new free story chapter. "Saying goodbye is never easy. Finding the right way to send off the characters and world of Celeste was especially difficult for us", says Matt Thorson, but they're enthusiastic about what Chapter 9 has to offer. Chapter 9 has over 100 new levels, with new mechanics and items, and more than 40 minutes of new music by Lena Raine. Chapter 9 won't have a B- or C- side, and players can access it after completing Chapter 8. The site gives 9th September as the release date, but clarifies that the Xbox One version might not release on the same day, as it was a big project to have this patch across all consoles. If it doesn't release for Xbox One on the same day, it will release shortly after. Thorson also gives news about the Limited Run physical release of Celeste, stating that now they've finished Chapter 9, it will begin production soon.

It may be the end for Celeste, but EXOK are already working on the next game, currently code-named as EXOK1. They're still in "a very exploratory phase of development, sussing out what this thing wants to be"; it'll be interesting to see what kind of game comes next.

We've got the full list of Celeste achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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