Upgrade With The Surge 2's Trailer: You Are What You Kill

By Heidi Nicholas, 15 days ago
You Are What You Kill is the latest trailer for The Surge 2, and delivers exactly what the title promises. The trailer follows a player character, showing how she targets pieces of enemy tech, and then implants them into her exo-suit to become stronger than ever.

The targeting system looks satisfyingly neat. At the start, she comes up against an enemy in armour which looks far sturdier than her own. She targets his chest for the RHINO Body Gear, slices it off, and constructs it as an implant for herself, creating a new look as she does. The Surge 2 is undeniably gory. As the player character continues, she spots an enemy wearing some sort of face armour; she decapitates the enemy and adds the armour to her own exo-suit. By the end of the trailer, she's taking on bigger enemies and wearing stronger armour. The trailer shows off the variety of armour and modifications available throughout the game.

The Surge 2 will release on September 24th. Pre-ordering the game nets the bonus of the URBN Gear Pack, including a new armour set, 2 new weapons, and some other cosmetics and items.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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