The Teaser for Capcom's New Resident Evil Game is Here

By Heidi Nicholas, 12 days ago
Capcom released a teaser for their new Resident Evil game, currently code-named Project Resistance. The game is described as a "team-based survival horror experience":

In the trailer, a team of 4 people are making their way through the requisite creepy lab, when waves of zombies rise up to attack. A licker also makes an appearance, and it's clear that someone's controlling things from behind the scenes; an unidentifiable figure pushes buttons right before the zombies wake and the licker bursts into the fight. But it's the final enemy who seems the most daunting, as the figure behind the scene puts on a mechanism which seemingly allows him to control a Mr X-type figure. The eyes of the massive Tyrant-like creature light up red as he steps out in front of the group.

A new enemy

The trailer doesn't give too much away aside from the team-based aspect and some of the possible enemies, but Capcom promise that more will be divulged at the Tokyo Game Show. The developers will be showing the first look at gameplay then, and so we'll hopefully learn more about what to expect from Project Resistance. What do you hope to see? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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