NBA 2K20 Review Bombed Due to Casino-like Mechanics and Glitches

By Sean Carey, 11 days ago
With every release of an NBA 2K game comes a wave of controversy and this year's iteration is no different. NBA 2K20 is getting savagely review bombed and called out on Twitter over a number of gameplay glitches, loading times and of course, microtransactions.

Over on Metacritic, user reviews for the Xbox One version of the game currently stand at a score of 1.0 based on 59 ratings. NBA 2K20 isn't looking much better on other platforms either with PC and PS4 players giving the game a score of less than one and Switch users scoring the game at an average 2.4. Sentiments are echoed over on Steam, NBA 2K20 has 1,611 reviews and stands at an "Overwhelmingly Negative" rating.

These negative review scores are largely down to the game's heavy reliance on microtransactions. Loot boxes are currently shrouded in controversy with countries such as Belgium saying the mechanic violated the countries gambling laws. 2K Games have taken it one step further and actually included real gambling games such as slot machines, a Plinko-style game and even a spin the wheel.

A review from the user TheFirm34 on Metacritic says:

"This is one of the worst examples of greed in the gaming industry. Do NOT buy this game, this has to stop and we stop it by showing companies we are not going to spend money on a casino game dressed up as a basketball game. The sad thing is; this used to be such a great franchise. What a shame."
The hashtag #Fix2K20 has also been trending over on Twitter, with some players even losing Rep for getting three stars in a drill and progression stats aren't updating:

Players are also reporting gameplay bugs like the following too:

A 7 GB patch has since rolled out for NBA 2K20 but is unclear what has been fixed with some fans saying the patch has done nothing at all apart from increase park speed. No official patch notes have been released by 2K Games.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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