Puking Monkey Interrupts Sea of Thieves Update Stream — Pets and Emotes Coming Tomorrow

By Sean Carey, 1 month ago
Pets are coming to Sea of Thieves as part of the Smuggler's Fortune update via a new microtransaction store called The Pirate Emporium. Parrots and Monkeys are the first pets to be added to the game and can be purchased — along with other cosmetics — either using real money or using a currency called Ancient Coins.

With the Smuggler's Fortune update launching tomorrow, the Sea of Thieves' developers took to a live stream to preview the new content coming with The Pirate Emporium. Alongside the developers on stream was a seven-year-old squirrel monkey called Antonio. Antonio was well behaved, climbing around on shoulders and nibbling treats until things took a turn for the worse and Antonio vomited up his lunch of mealworms over Rare community video manager Jon McFarlane (skip forward to 27:45 if you really want to see it happen). With monkey sick on his face and shoulders, McFarlane quickly cleans up and powers through the rest of the stream, like a champ. But, Antonio wasn't done there. Later on, Antonio goes one step further and poops on the shoulder of McFarlane (31:48 if you want to see that too). Antonio was fine by the way, in case you were wondering.

It seems that quite a lot has gone into pets and they aren't just a cosmetic item. There are several different breeds when it comes to the monkeys and parrots, and each breed will have its own outfits. Pets will recognise emotes and join in based on the emote, and they will also have their own life on the ship. Sometimes they might come and sit next to you on the helm, or fall asleep on your bed. Several other items like new emotes, and cosmetics such as a Banjo-Kazooie Ship skin will also be available to purchase from The Pirate Emporium.

Items can be purchased using Ancient Coins, and rare has detailed how much it costs to buy coins with real money:
sea of thieves premium currency microtransactions

However, there is a small chance to earn these coins by stumbling across Ancient Skeletons in the world. These skeletons carry bags of Ancient Coins on their backs, hunting them down results in coins being awarded, although it's unclear just how many coins these skeletons will be carrying and how frequently they will appear.

The Smuggler's Fortune Update launches tomorrow.

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