Zafina Arrives to Tekken 7's Third Season Pass

By Heidi Nicholas, 10 days ago
Whether you're still hunting for those 43 Tekken 7 achievements or have already won them all, the 3rd Season Pass for Tekken 7 brings enough new content to suck all Tekken fans back in. Zafina is the first DLC to arrive, and released alongside the Season Pass. Her launch trailer shows off what she brings to the fight:

Zafina fights with the Ancient Assassination Arts style, relying on "mystic powers and acrobatic prowess". This fighting style can be more than a little unnerving, as Zafina is shown crawling insect-like across the floor to her opponent. Zafina's fighting style looks entirely unpredictable, particularly with her demonic hand which she seems barely able to control. Zafina's character should soon be followed by Leroy Smith. Her launch trailer also details the items which are exclusive to Season 3, such as a Plushie Set, an Effects Set, and the Iron Fist Aura Set.

Season Pass 3

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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